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Network Marketing Champions Podcast

Nov 23, 2020

Another FAST ACTION Episode for you to be able to set yourself apart from other Network Marketers and create a community that buys from you over and over and over again!!

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Nov 2, 2020

Ever wonder what it’s like to work with a mindset coach that actually gets you results??? This week we’ve got none other than Nikita Matijas, a mindset coach based in Paris France that gets her clients results in 6 weeks in an unconventional way! 

Having seen and heard about the rapid transformations myself... I had...

Oct 19, 2020

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Another bite size episode for you to be able to create CONTENT on the FLY that actually ATTRACTS your IDEAL CLIENTS!


Oct 12, 2020

This episode gave me CHILLS because I got to speak to not 1 but 2 babes that are doing some major JUSTICE to the NETWORK MARKETING INDUSTRY! Listen to Sam and Vanessa share their "Tips from the Top" on how their team is SMASHING their goals and looking FLY AF doing it!

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Oct 5, 2020

We have a special treat today.  Steve and Nicole Andrews join us today and discuss with us the Customer Avatar.  Your idea client and customer that you absolutely love to work with.  

There is so much to talk about on The Avatar that we have created another Podcast on the Avatar.

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